A company positions itself in markets that are constantly evolving in order to meet consumer needs.

Development and growth strategy

In a rapidly and profoundly changing economic and political environment, the 4 strategies of the
The SNVG Group's activities ensure its long-term survival and development. Connected and interdependent, they are
translate into concrete decisions and actions

Creation of a new production line

SNVG is an industrial company, so the competitiveness of its industrial facilities is of paramount importance.
The company's business requires it to maintain a high level of control over its assets, which is essential, as is the obsolescence of its fixed assets. Due to the nature of its business, the company
requires a great deal of capital investment, enabling it to use this item for growth and development.

Our ageing production facilities, which were fully depreciated in 2015, will need to be overhauled and the plant transformed.
production chain becomes a necessity, hence the interest in creating a new market extension.
This would speed up the introduction of new, innovative products that are increasingly technical and less expensive.

In order to achieve our quality objectives, a number of processes will be put in place, including
through a quality policy and the creation of a test bench that will make it possible to measure
vibrations, heat energy consumption and acoustics in order to guarantee a high level of comfort.
optimum comfort while improving production.

In addition, SNVG plans to register 3 to 5 patents in the field over the next 5 years.

Development of intelligent products (IoT)

The regulations on air quality stem from the National Commitment to the Environment Act.
the environment. It makes it compulsory to monitor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in certain buildings.
Minor establishments open to the public: crèches, day nurseries, kindergartens, schools, etc.
kindergartens and elementary schools, middle schools, general and vocational high schools, institutions, etc.
leisure centres and holiday camps, as well as all health and social establishments caring for minors removed from their families due to social or educational difficulties, disabled minors and juvenile delinquents (mentioned in 1°, 2° and 4° of I of article L 312-1 of the Social Action and Family Code).

SNVG's decision to develop new, intelligent products is a response to regulatory constraints and is part of a move to reorientate its business model. This
new range of differentiated and specialised products for transport and air treatment will have
design, connected and patented, and will also help to diversify the company's business.
while being better adapted to current demand.

On-site monitoring with experienced installation teams

L'watertightness and durability of an installation are not just about manufacturing. L'team of
installation is a fundamental element that attests to the air quality an installation. The opportunity
having a team that is perfectly familiar with the products manufactured by SNVG, guarantees the customer an
optimum installation and is a guarantee of sustainability. Site monitoring tools are used to keep track of the progress of the project. the most rigorous quality process. This means we can trace a part from design to installation, while guaranteeing safety at the most sensitive sites.

Promoting green energy

As part of its ecological transitionSNVG is looking to optimise and implement its new
put in place new processes to ensure better exploitation of its resources in order to reduce its carbon footprint sustainably and limit industrial waste.

In addition to promoting green energySNVG also wishes to assert its new ecological positioning by offering the possibility of recycling and giving a second life to ducts existing.

At the same time, the new production, through the creation of the test bench, will make it possible to limit
heat loss and, as a result, make energy savings significant.

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